Trevor Prior

Welcome to our website! Dirty Jeans DIY is all about empowerment.

For myself, I’ve been riding and racing motorcycles for 16 years. It’s a passion that I share with my wife and that we have passed on to our children.

Over that time period I have not only spent a lot of time “on” a motorcycle, but rather I have spent triple that “under” the motorcycle. Owning a motorcycle is a privilege and having the necessary skills to maintain that bike for performance and safety is essential!

Here at Dirty Jeans DIY we offer In-House and Off-site training for novice riders. We teach the basics of exactly how to maintain your bike for safety and to avoid costly repair bills.

Keep the shiny side up!



Hunter Layton

I’ve been working on bikes commercially for 8 years. I’ve had an interest in cars and motorcycles since I was a young child. At 10 I started helping my father and brothers with their vehicles and the rest is history.

I started my apprenticeship and career with a local Ducati Dealer here in Calgary. I gained invaluable knowledge on these high-end, technical race machines and then eventually worked my way into a custom motorcycle career; building and maintaining custom bikes. This combination of high-end race technology and old school know-how has given me an in-depth and well rounded approach to all my customers.

Whatever make, model or brand of motorcycle you call your own; they all need basic maintenance.

Keep the throttle turned!


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